♥ Days in London - Notting Hill ♥ Carnival & 波多貝羅市集 Portobello Market ♥

Notting Hill 新娘百分百   是我很喜歡的電影之一

(所謂很喜歡就是.....不管重播幾遍 只要有轉到就會看一下)

很喜歡電影最後這幕   住在Beverly Hill, 活在五光十色的Anna, 靜靜地和William在公園的椅子上

陪他看書   say nothing at all, but you know they love each other so so much. so sweet!

也因為這部電影    倫敦的Notting Hill 諾丁丘   聲名大噪

the traveller.jpg

尤其是這幕 多感人阿!!!  經典阿!!!

“I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy asking him to love her



Ronan Keating -- When You Say Nothing At All   

The smile on your face Lets me know That you need me

There's a truth In your eyes Saying you'll never leave me

The touch of your hand says You'll catch me Whenever I fall


逛這一區的話, 可以坐地鐵到 Notting Hill Gate, 沿著Bayswater之後又轉Portobello Road一路逛下去


♥ Days in London - Notting Hill ♥ Carnival & 波多貝羅市集 Portobello Market ♥

骨董珠寶的價格Range很大 要小心買到"假"骨董



倫敦的婦人  穿著都好時尚   連許多老奶奶都打扮時髦去逛超市呢

♥ Days in London - Notting Hill Gate ♥ Carnival & 波多貝羅市集 Portobello Market ♥

這種金屬製的牌子 一整個排出來的視覺效果 很特別             好喜歡右邊這棟房子阿 好粉

     ♥ Days in London - Notting Hill Gate ♥ Carnival & 波多貝羅市集 Portobello Market ♥

這裡有許多房子外牆顏色都很鮮豔飽和    好喜歡呀!!









每年都會舉辦的  Notting Hill Carnival http://www.thenottinghillcarnival.com/


(Words and Pics From Webside)

Notting Hill Carnival is the largest street festival in Europe and originated in 1964

as a way for  Afro-Caribbean communities to celebrate their own cultures and traditions.

Taking place every August Bank Holiday weekend in the streets of London W11.

除了可以看到很誇張的服飾   最重要的就是很熱鬧的音樂了

從 Reggae to R&B, Funk, House, Dub, Samba.......會讓你想跟著舞者一起擺動    非常歡樂


notting hill carnival 1.jpg

notting hill carnival.jpg

notting-hill-carnival 1.jpg


notting hill 6.jpg





Sex and City裡面的凱莉   常坐在家樓下跟男友聊天    所以我也假裝一下 XD

London, UK

網路上看到的 在Notting Hill拍的婚紗照   這樣拍起來好漂亮

notting hill 2.jpg

顏色好柔和!!!  So english style, love it!!!

notting hill 4.jpg

很喜歡他們參加婚禮會戴的小頭飾    放在我們頭上就是有種說不出的怪

notting hill 5.jpg


Portobello Market  波多貝羅市集, 歐洲最大的假日骨董跳蚤市集 http://www.portobelloroad.co.uk/

地圖  http://www.portobelloroad.co.uk/pdf/porto.pdf  有許多骨董, 新鮮蔬果, 和可愛的小東西

這市集賣的蔬果, 都比超市便宜又大碗



很喜歡這邊的房子 充滿了色彩

notting hill.jpg



http://www.russell-gallery.com/   所展出 Nick-Holly 的畫, 他筆下的Portobello Road好可愛


Regent Street, so cute! 好喜歡這種風格呀






Monday through to Thursday Portobello and Golborne Road markets serve mostly local residents with fresh fruit and veg,

day-to-day items and - in Golborne Road - an international selection of hot foods.

Although the street markets close at 1pm on Thursday, there is a small book,

art and plant market under the Portobello Green canopy that stays open until 5.30pm.


Friday is the busiest weekday, with a greater number and variety of stalls.

A gap in street trading may exist beyond Oxford Gardens, but Golborne Road is a destination well worth the extra five minute walk.

On your way, take time to inspect Natasha Mason and Teresa Crawley's photographic installation Portobello ReCollection along the long brick wall.


Saturday(市集只有禮拜六開) is the busiest day by far, when the stalls,

shops and arcades of the antiques section are buzzing from early morning.

The rest of the markets are generally full, especially in fine weather.

An eclectic mix of vintage and second-hand fashion and new goods can be found north of the Westway. T

his is also where the newest traders enter the markets, so don't spend all your money before you get there!



Sunday the street markets are closed, but there is a bustling market featuring original and vintage fashion,

accessories and jewellery under the Portobello Green canopy.


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