Songs That I'd Never Ever Get Bored With 

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Sweet Songs : Lyrics & Tunes Can Warm Ur Heart, Luv It!!!


Melee -- Buit To Last     


Cause you are the sun in my universe, considered the best when we've felt the worst

 and most of all,  it's built to last.

Can Play This Song WHOLE Day




Bruno Mars -- Just The Way You Are     


Luv This Lyric Luv Talent Bruno Luv This MV!




Ronan Keating -- When You Say Nothing At All   


The smile on your face Lets me know That you need me

There's a truth In your eyes Saying you'll never leave me

The touch of your hand says You'll catch me Whenever I fall

Luv This Simple But Strong Relationship, "Notting Hill" is 1 of My Favorite FlimC





Khalil -- Nothing's Gonna Change My Luv For U    


Favorite Version, Khalil KING





Jason Mraz -- I Am Yours  

3 Words, 8 Letters, Say It, I Am Yours J





Crystal Kay --Kiss  

あなたときっと  最後のキスを  する時まで ちゃんとそばにいるよ

Really Touching Lyrics, Isn't It?  Ok, I am a Weeper.









Piano Rock & Britsh Rock is The KING for Healing Heart


 Oasis -- Stop Crying Your Heart Out    


Get up,  come on, Why you scared?

You'll never change what's been and gone

Booster When Down, Very Helpful !!





Click Five -- Empty   


Maybe we're trying  Trying too hard  Maybe we're torn apart 

Maybe the timing  Is beating our hearts  We're empty

Trying Too Hard......Sometimes, is Not Helping, Just Let It Flow! (Rocks fm 2'35'')





The Fray -- Never Say Never    Don't Let Me Go.....

Official Music Vedio <--Here



Keane -- Bend & Break     

How Can I Live Without Keane? Gotta Restart to Pratice Piano


Keane -- Everybody's Changing    It's The Only Thing Won't Change





Cold Play-- The Scientist   Classic!!

Official Music Vedio  <-- Here




Vintage & Jazz› 


Andy Williams -- Dear Heart    

What Can I Say? I am Melting In This Vintage Romance





Michael Bublé -- Save The Last Dance For Me  


King Of Jazz! Luv ALL His Songs C

(Fm A Lovely Sweet Movie -- "The Wedding Date")





Jamie Cullum -- I Could've Danced All Night  Prince Of Jazz?! lol





Esperanza Spalding -- I Know U Know   


1st Jazz Artist to Win Grammy Best New Artist in 2011, Talent fm Berklee!





Diana Krall -- Just The Way U Are  


Sam Said She Is Queen Of Jazz, AGREE!!



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